A Day of Juice

Last night I hung this page from Drew Canole on our refrigerator to help keep myself focused on basic juice recipes. It is easier for me to stay committed if the guess work is taken out for me. This is what Drew said about these juices:

“Wanna have healthy cells and body? Cellular Nutrition can be obtained only through a special blend of highly solvable vitamins and nutrients that help the body cells to absorb the nutrients and vitamins from foods and supplements. In order to get the inactive body cells to absorb vitamins and nutrients, they need to be cleaned up of toxins, that keep them inactive, and activated. These juices can help!”

drink daily

My husband saw this and asked if I thought he should get a juicer for is office so he could have juice more often. Well, I just laughed. I love my husband and he is amazing at all the he does, but I cannot see him breaking out the kale and celery after a meeting to start juicing. ;-)

My solution was to make the juice for him and pack it in a cooler so he can have it throughout the day. I washed and cut the veggies and my 7-year-old juiced them, she had a blast. Forget the toys and the iPad, she had more fun with the juicer than most things I have seen her play with. It took us about 20 minutes to make the juice you see in this picture. I ran out of larger mason jars, so I had to use a combination of two small ones. The filled mason jar helps prevent the juice from oxidizing and losing nutrients — make sure you fill them to the tip top. And yes, I numbered them for him, so he knew which order to drink them in. :) You don’t see the lemon water in this picture because he drank it before he left the house.

The orange one was delicious. You can freeze this juice in a pop mold to make a healthy treat.

Day of Juice Final

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“When you know better, you do better.”

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