Trail Mix Cups

These trail mix cups are a fun snack for kids to put together. We got the idea from the Primal Cravings cookbook. I chopped the nuts & fruit and melted the chocolate. My kids did the rest! We use Enjoy Life Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips, which are certified gluten free, contain no wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg or soy. They are also made without casein, potato, sesame or sulfites and contain no trans fat or cholesterol. They are certified kosher, vegan – no preservatives, all natural. I replaced our Toll House chips with these chips without telling my kids and no one knew the difference.

We use Unbleached Baking Cups which are made from premium quality, unbleached, greaseproof paper. These cups are Totally Chlorine-Free (TCF). Since no chlorine or chlorine derivatives are used to produce the cups, no chlorine or its derivatives get dumped into our waterways. From my experience, muffins and candies are much easier to remove from these baking cups than traditional baking cups.

1. Line a mini-muffin pan with paper liners (we didn’t have mini muffin cups, so we just used a regular sized muffin tin).
2. Spoon a tablespoon of melted chocolate into each muffin liner (we use Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips).
3. Toss together nuts and fruit. Place mixture into the melted chocolate and use a spoon to make sure all of the goods are glued down into the melted chocolate.
4. Place the muffin pan in the refrigerator until the chocolate is firm.

Here are the combinations we used:

– Dehydrated Bananas (chopped) & Raw Pecans (chopped)
– Dried Cherries (chopped) & Pistachios (chopped)
– Dried Apricots & Almonds (sliced or chopped)


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