Straining Bone Broth

A friend asked this week how I strain my stock. Here is a picture of how I do it. I am sure there are other ways (i.e. coffee filter), but this way works well for me. I simply scoop the broth out with a pyrex measuring cup to allow for easy pouring through the mini strainer.

Bone Broth Strain

Once you store it in the refrigerator it will form a layer of fat. You only need to skim this if you want to. If you choose to skim the fat, let your broth sit in the fridge for several hours, until the fat rises to the top and hardens. Scrape off the fat with a spoon, and your broth is ready to go. Skimming off the fat is more important if you are using bones from animals that are conventionally raised.

I keep my broth in the refrigerator up to 4 days. When I have extra, I freeze the jars with room at the top.

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